Songbase Special Licensing Terms

License and special terms and conditions for the use of our rights 

Edition Sonbase Music Publishing
a Division of Covesco Music UG – named Songbase

Coveso Music UG – Stiftsgasse 1 – 84529 Tittmoning

Version and status 1/2024 

OVERVIEW Songbase Song Licensing Terms

  • General

Songbase offers artists, bands, music producers and labels musical works for use and publication.

The authors of the musical works and the music publishers are members of the German collecting society GEMA. All works are registered with GEMA. GEMA represents the works and collects royalties when  musical works are publicly performed, streamed or used or reproduced online in another form.

  • Use of music works

Songbase’s musical works (composition and lyrics) can be used for musical recordings and published without any direct payment to Songbase. 

Arrangements or recordings that serve to present the musical works in the Songbase Database may not be copied or used without permission and payment. These are subject to copyright.

If we take on the work of music producers, this activity must be paid for separately.

Edition Songbase Music Publishing expressly reserves the right to prohibit the use of musical works if they are used in a context that does not correspond to the intention of the authors or the publisher or violates applicable rights or requirements.

  • Important

The exclusive first release of a song requires that a specific release date takes place within 3 months.
Our consent to exclusive first use depends on this. Otherwise, a song can only be used non-exclusively.
We reserve the right to object to or prohibit any use of the song at any time.

  • Rights and Use

All rights to the musical works belong and remain with the authors of the works and Songbase.

The music publisher reserves the right to not agree to exclusive or non-exclusive use.

  • Mention of authors and music publisher

When published on all media and all distribution channels, the authors, the music publisher and the international work number must be stated.

  • Obligation to notify the music publisher

When using and publishing the works, the user is obliged to inform the publisher when, where and under what name the publication will take place.

The publisher must also be provided with the exact ISRC number of the recordings.

If a musical work is exclusively published for the first time, the publisher must be provided with a copy of the recording for fingerprinting by the collecting societies.

  • Exclusive first use

The publisher offers exclusive and non-exclusive works. Exclusive works can be booked by artists for initial publication and must then be published within 3 months.

However, there is no legal claim to this exclusivity. We strive to ensure this. But we CANNOT guarantee it in a legally binding manner. There is no claim for damages against the publisher under any circumstances.

  • Changes to musical works

Musical works may not be changed without the consent of the publisher

  • Consent to use and activation

Files are made available in the download area after the order has been sent in the online song shop and after confirmation and approval.

There is no right to the use or activation of a song by the publisher.


  • Use for sync – TV, film, advertising

Any use in film, TV, advertising must be licensed separately and is not covered by representation by the collecting societies.

Please ask the publisher directly – or if we offer a separate license shop, please purchase a license for this use there.

  • Miscellaneous

Furthermore, the general terms and conditions apply.

It is only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The place of jurisdiction is Traunstein